Check out TheRadBrad’s great video game reviews at These are two of my favorite sayings of his. Check out TheRadBrad’s great video game reviews at These are two of my favorite sayings of his.

Check out TheRadBrad’s great video game reviews at These are two of my favorite sayings of his.

NBA Playoffs 2014 First Round

Designed and constructed signage for the Neo NYC office conference rooms. The conference rooms are named after influential individuals in technology.

Prints mounted on matte then raise mounted on matte again and framed.

Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing, Grace Hopper, & Jim Weirich.

Just a fun little project to practice some graphic design skills again and play around with Pixelmator. Pretty nice piece of software I would have to say. We are hiring designers and developers at Neo. Come check us out.

NBA Playoffs 2013 Conference Semi-Finals

Visualize the colors progressing through the playoffs.

NBA Playoffs 2013 Round First Round

Visualize the colors progressing through the playoffs.

I’ve been maintaining inbox zero consistently for the past few months. The solution for me has been to create better inboxes. There are four consistent actions that I personally see with my email: schedule it on my calendar, put it on my to-do list, read it later, or archive it.

The Calendar Inbox

I use a combination of Google Cal to input my events and iCal to output all my calendars (Personal, Work, Girlfriend) in one view. Once I’ve converted the email into a calendar event, I quickly archive it.

The To-Do Inbox

I currently use the Any.Do app because I find the location-based and time-based reminders very useful. Once I’ve converted the email into a to-do item, I quickly archive it.

Read/Watch Later Inbox

I use Pocket because its easy to input content and outputs to all my devices (laptop, iPad, iPhone). Pocket also holds the edge over other ‘read-later’ apps because filtering between articles, videos, images, and self-inputed tags is much easier and enjoyable. And once I convert the email into a reading item, you guessed it, I quickly archive it.

How to Archive it Quickly

If you are a Gmail user, I highly recommend getting use to a few hotkeys. Go to Settings/Labs/Custom keyboard shortcuts. Enable that badboy and get familiar with ‘j’ as up, ‘k’ as down, ‘x’ to select, and ‘e’ to archive.

Hope this has been helpful!

I am proud to announce that I will be joining the Neo NYC team as their UX Designer starting this week. The process of getting to this position has been very interesting and has revealed many great lessons. Some of which I would love to share with you in this post.

  • Find your village - The seed for my current opportunity was a conversation with Jeff Gothelf Managing Director at Neo, in a dive bar downtown. And it was continuously watered with mentorship from Josh Seiden Managing Director at Neo, workshops with the Lean Startup Machine, collaborations with Cyrus Innovation, UX classes through General Assembly and Skillshare, and impromptu code reviews with developers at church. I always took advantage of grabbing drinks and talking shop with the individuals in these communities and never regretted it. Except a few crazy nights with Matt Jording Developer/Tank.
  • Take on challenges - I had the opportunity to design and develop the Lean UX book site. At the beginning of the project, i was nervous because i didn’t consider myself much of a front-end developer. But with some good advice from friends and a couple visits to w3schools, I feel more confident in my coding abilities than ever before.
  • Product development is a people story, not just a tech story - The members of my former product team at Flavorpill have become great partners over the past two years. We were unified by a great product idea but found our most rewarding experience in building one another up as teammates and friends. Even though I don’t share my 9 to 5 with them anymore, we are always finding opportunities to work with another and continuing that experience into the future.

Thanks for reading! And I will be sure to deliver more updates as I continue into this exciting new opportunity in my life.  


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